Publicado el 01 August 2020Compliance

A “speak up” culture

Organizational culture is a fundamental element when we talk about ethics. This generates an environment in which our workers will carry out their activities on a day-to-day basis, and it depends on how deep they are with our organizational values, how free they feel to express themselves, and how far away they can be among their members.

There are many companies that focus on the proper management of the climate and work culture, seeking to create a positive space for the team and, thus, they can be more efficient, motivated, have more teamwork, among others. However, a work environment can also be negative: there are places where a culture of fear, abuse and tension prevails.

In this sense, we must ask ourselves how to create an open and free workplace, in which people perceive a climate of trust. What is the first step to do this? Protect those who denounce acts that threaten ethics: do not retaliate against these people and even recognize them.

Organizations must establish an anonymous ethics hotline and other information mechanisms to encourage employees to use the established systems for their own benefit and protection. Once a complaint is filed and investigated, steps must be taken promptly to demonstrate to the complainant and other collaborators that their safety, protection, and well-being are a priority for the institution.

When members of an organization demonstrate that abusive, illegal and unethical acts are punished, a climate of trust will be generated, where mutual care is of utmost importance. Thus, it will be understood that, as part of the organizational culture, integrity, honesty and an environment in which institutional values ​​are truly implemented are sought.

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