Publicado el 27 May 2020Compliance, Cultura, Ethics, Ética

Planning for research

As we know, it is important that every organization has an Ethics Channel through which employees can make inquiries and complaints of a lack of ethics. However, once the complaint comes, what should we do? What is the first step to take?


In our experience, we have seen many organizations that, upon receiving a complaint, almost automatically contact the complainant. They want to quickly get to the bottom of this matter, investigate and resolve the case as soon as possible.


While we understand the urgency that we can feel when receiving a complaint, especially for the risks that an ethical breach can imply, it is necessary to generate a previous space: planning.


Before formally starting the investigation and starting to develop the actions and activities that this requires, it is necessary that the person in charge of this has a planning space. For this, the following questions can serve as a guide:


  • What is the purpose of the complaint?
  • Who should I interview to collect testimonies?
  • What physical evidence do I need?
  • Where can I get additional information?
  • What do the internal policies say about it? Do they cover this type of situation?
  • Is it necessary to take a precautionary measure?


From this, the person in charge of the investigation will be able to establish a chronogram to develop this action. It is important to determine that this space will allow us to be more orderly in this phase. This, especially, because each case is unique. Then, to plan before investigating.



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