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Ethics at first sight

We have mentioned in past articles the importance of promoting an ethical culture among our workers, through internal communications, emails, constant dialogues on the subject at meetings, among others. We know that, based on this, we seek to create an environment of integrity and honesty in our organization and, thus, reduce the lack of ethics.

The entire organization faces a constant task: the recruitment of new personnel and how, from the beginning, they must promote in these new collaborators the existing work culture. In the case of ethics, it is the same, how do we make the applicant recognize that, for us, this issue is essential? The interviews here are an ideal space.

Why ask about ethics in job interviews? This points to two objectives:

  1. That, during the interview with the applicant, the organization may make sense that it is a company that cares about ethics and its values.
  2. That, from the responses obtained, it is possible to filter those applicants who, clearly, do not have ethical principles.

What kinds of questions should we ask?

  • What does it mean to you to be “an ethical organization”?
  • Share an experience in which you had an ethical dilemma and how you solved it (note that here it is worrying if they say they never had one. Most likely, they have not identified it, and that may be an alarm signal).
  • Do you feel that sometimes “doing the right thing” can be an obstacle in your career? (note that saying “yes” is not bad, it depends on how it is supported).
  • Did you read the Code of Ethics on our website? (Here it is evident not only that the candidate has done his homework, but that it is also an issue that interests him).
  • What are the values ​​that everyone should maintain throughout their professional career?
  • Among others.


This allows us to understand, from the beginning, the organization’s commitment to its ethics management system, demonstrating that it is even an important filter to be part of it.

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