Publicado el 14 October 2019Compliance, Comportamiento, Cultura, Ethics, Ética

Let’s celebrate integrity!

When we talk about ethics in our organization, we usually discuss hypothetical cases or that have been experienced by other companies: Siemens, Volkswagen, Odebrecht, Walmart. In that sense, we tend to maintain a discourse about what “we do not want to happen to us”, what “we should not repeat in our organization”, or “from the mistakes of others one learns”. We analyze this, then, with a negative connotation.

Is there a way to approach the ethical aspects, without using this negative discourse? We think so. We must bear in mind that, every day, there are employees who take appropriate ethical decisions in our organization, and who act in accordance with our guidelines in this matter, such as the Code of Ethics.

Who are they? The one that refuses to make a decision in the face of a conflict of interest, the one that rejects an offer from a supplier and denounces it, the one that refuses to carry out an illegal act even if it is a request of his boss, who warns his colleagues who could be committing an ethical breach. If we have and identify these good behaviors, let’s ask ourselves: why not celebrate integrity when we see it?

Labor recognition, as we know, produces a personal satisfaction that brings as a consequence an employee happier with his work and motivated by the place where he works. Through this action, the collaborator feels valued and that the action he has developed is important for his organization. Thus, the recognition is an excellent way to promote that the collaborator continues to carry out this type of behavior and, in turn, inspires his co-workers to do things well.

So, why focus only on communicating bad practices? Let’s recognize the good ones too, and celebrate the integrity.

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